Carrot tahini quinoa burger


The Minced patty

Start by putting the Naturli Minced into a bowl and mix it with the tahini and cooked quinoa.
Add the grated carrot and fold it into the bowl together with the finely chopped onion and garlic.
Finally, add the cumin, salt and pepper.

Form the Patties and fry them on a saucepan on both sides at medium heat for about 10 – 12 minutes in total.

Red cabbage slaw

When making the slaw,  cut or tear the cabbage either into rough or finely chopped pieces into a bowl. Just do it the way that works best for you and add the lemon, honey and sesame oil into the plant based creme. Season it with salt and pepper. Mix all of it together with the sun-dried cranberries.

Now on to making the tzatziki.
Peel the cucumber, remove the middle part with the seeds and slice it. Chop up the mint, grate the garlic and fold it into the Plant-based cream and season with salt and pepper.

The only think left is to assemble the burger, how you choose to do it is totally up to you!

Brioche Buns

Whisk or crumble the yeast into the cold water in a bowl and stir until the yeast has completely dissolved.
Add the wheat flour, sugar, salt and knead into a doughy mass.
Then gradually add the Naturli’ Organic Vegan Block. Continue to knead, until the dough feels smooth and very elastic.
Leave the dough to rise for 3 hours in the fridge covered in cling film or a dish towel.
After the dough has risen you can now take it out of the fridge and place it on the kitchen table while waiting for it to reach room temperature.
When the dough has room temperature – divide and shape the dough into 18 x 50g brioche buns.
Allow the buns to rise in a warm room for 1-1½ hours. Then bake the brioche buns at 200°C in a fan-assisted oven for 8-10 mins.

Tip: If you want a nice shine on your brioche buns you can either brush them with water or Naturli’ vegan block before putting them into the oven.