Spinach lasagne
with Naturli’ Minced

What says I love you more than a super delicious vegan lasagna with spinach? Everyone loves creamy, great and heartwarming lasagna. It’s an amazing solution to feed multiple people, or make for dinner party with friends and family!

Taking in mind how easy it actually is to make this tasty meal, you will not waste much time and come back for more.

Also it is a very good leftover food. If you are searching for something to store in the fridge for the upcoming busy week, then this vegan spinach lasagna is for you.


How to make Vegan white sauce?
Let’s start by melting the NATURLI’ Organic Spreadable in a pot, stir the flour in and whisk into to a ball.
Add plant-based milk, a little at a time, finally mix in the cheese and allow to melt while stirring, to make a cheese sauce.

For filling, fry NATURLI’ Minced in NATURLI’ Spreadable until it is brown.
Lay the lasagna together with ¼ of the spinach, a little cheese sauce and sprinkle a little lemon rind over, end with lasagne sheets – and repeat for the following  layers.

Finish with a last layer of spinach and cheese sauce. Sprinkle chopped pine nuts and a few breadcrumbs. Bake in the oven at 200  C for 40 minutes.


Feel free to add vegetables when frying the vegan minced. If you seek an ingredient which will add some more substance, then lentils can be a good solution. They make the consistency more “meaty” and of course, add an extra source of protein!

Another tip to make cheesy sauce for your vegan spinach lasagna is to use soaked cashews, blend them together with water, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, sea salt and a bit of mustard. For a full recipe check out this article from Kathryne Taylor!

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